About Eliza

Eliza likes her fiction (books, film, television) dark and dangerous. She is drawn to the bad boy with a heart of gold. She likes to see characters struggle and challenge themselves. She loves to see redemption and personal epiphanies.

She hates Mary Sue and Marty Sam.

She read Dracula when she was ten and it warped her forever.

Have a tragic past? A conflicted present? A mistake-filled future?

Bring her your broken, your tortured, your angst-filled characters.

She’s the Ellis Island of fiction.

Currently obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones.

Damon Salvatore, Jon Snow, and any really hunky looking bad boy, lone wolf, or black sheep.

In real life, she is married to a really sweet thoughtful and caring man.

But this is fiction we’re talking about. Drama. Fantasy. A girl’s gotta have it in her life somewhere to stay sane. Drama is best in fiction or television or film.

In real life? Drama’s a bitch and Eliza has babies to care for and a job to keep.

Drama-free zone in real life, a drama junkie everywhere else.

P.S. She also writes fiction. One day, you could read her novels.


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