Ian For Christian Grey (what else?)

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Time for an update on the campaign to make sure Ian Somerhalder gets the role as Christian Grey.

Although I am a big fan because of his work as Damon in The Vampire Diaries, and of course, think he’s just all around the most smoking hot man I’ve ever seen, it’s the combination of his looks and his versatility as an actor and his experience as a model that gives me every confidence that he would become Christian Grey. He knows sexy, he knows dominance, he knows seduction, he knows conflicted, and he just drips sex appeal on screen. This is not just me. This is millions of fans like me who melt for Mr. Smolderholder.

I read a tweet yesterday from an actor who was interested in the role but who said his agent indicated that there are four main actors in the running for the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey, starting with Brad Pitt and ending with Ian Somerhalder.

Sorry, agents — that should be the other way around — STARTING with Ian Somerhalder and ENDING with Ian Somerhalder.

OK, I admit I’m biased as hell. For me, Ian is THE Christian Grey. When I read the novels, I could only see Ian in the role. It screamed Ian to me, primarily because of the character’s grey eyes and balls. Damon has both beautiful light blue eyes and balls aplenty. He has ego as does Christian. He is mercurial like Christian. He plays a dominant man like Christian. He’s sexy as hell and has the perfect eyes and a delicious bod.

What I like is that recent non-scientific polls of fans have echoed my sentiments.

Over at Ann Marie Walker’s blog, Ian Somerhalder came out on top (how appropriate!) of her poll of fans with 32% of the votes cast.

For me, this photo is Christian Grey — just look at those blue eyes and how good he looks in a suit. You can see him being the young head of a multinational kazillion-dollar corporation with 40,000 employees and a red room of pain.

From what I can tell, casting for the film hasn’t been started, according to reports I’ve seen, but I’m sure casting agents will be busy scoping out possible candidates for the roles in the film and I’m doing my level best to ensure Ian gets a lot of coverage, at least on twitter.

There are several actors being mentioned:

Ian Somerhalder – my choice.

Alexander Skarsgard – love Alexander but sorry, I don’t see him as the character.

Brad Pitt (???) – Love Brad but he’s too old. Christian is late twenties/ early thirties at most.

Arnie Hammer

Ryan Gosling

Henry Cavill

Chris Hemsworth

Matt Bomer

Eh, they’re all handsome and have the right color of eyes, but it takes more than just looks to fill this meaty role.

Anyway, there’s lots of buzz around Ian and millions of fans who would probably die to see their favourite vampire become their favourite sadist-in-love.

Let’s do everything we can to help Ian get the role!


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