Ian Somerhalder and Fifty Shades of Grey

So, I’m a bit pissed about the brouhaha that’s been happening lately in the Twitter Sphere and Intertubes about Ian Somerhalder’s interest in playing Christian Grey in the adaptation of run-away hit Fifty Shades of Grey

Here’s what Damon thinks of the whole business:


Here’s some background:

Ian tweeted his interest in the role and spoke about it on a couple of shows. He exchanged tweets with Bret Easton Ellis about it. Period.

We, his fans, have been involved in various campaigns on Twitter or on websites to support him getting the role. There have been other actors who have expressed an interest, such as Alexander Skarsgard and many fans of other actors have launched fan campaigns to support their own choices.

Some celebrity gossip sites took this grassroots fan interest and blew it up into sensationalized headlines claiming that Ian was “begging” for the role and now has created a “monster” that he’s had to kill.

Keep this in mind. These websites rely on clicks/page views/visits for their advertising dollars. The more clicks they get on their websites, the more they can charge for advertising. That’s the business model for many websites.

What this means is that like in war, truth is the first casualty. These websites want you to click on them and so they lure the unsuspecting fan into visiting with lurid headlines like “Ian Somerhalder Begging for S&M Role” and other trashtalk. Ian’s real fans know that it wasn’t begging. He expressed an interest. Any hot young actor would be nuts not to be interested in such an epic role in what will surely be a hit film if and when it is made. There are millions of women out there who are DYING to see it on the big screen and millions of Ian’s fans want to see him in the role. 

But it is up to E. L. James and the folks involved in producing, casting and directing the film to choose the right actor for the role. We fans can mount a campaign to push Ian for the role but we may not be listened to. 

What shouldn’t happen is for fans to start getting all upset about it. That will do nothing except provide these vultures with fodder for their trashtalk and obviously upset Ian for seeing things get “out of control” as he said in his tweets.

I feel bad if I’ve contributed to that silliness. I have tweeted very often about it and have advocated for Ian to get the role, but I’ve never done so in a hateful way. I will be disappointed if he doesn’t get the role, but I have no idea how Hollywood works or how films are cast so what do I know? It may be very unlikely that he’d get the role despite the buzz his fans are generating. It may help him get the role for those involved to know how much support he has. 

I guess in the end, we have to be aware of how our actions affect others. Our exuberance about Ian getting the role is latched onto by the celebrity buzz machine and used to get eyes on websites and ultimately advertising dollars. It’s led to misleading headlines about Ian “begging” for the role, which he isn’t doing. Today I read a headline that claimed this:

Ian Somerhalder has whipped his own fan base into a frenzy by lobbying for the role of Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey. Having created a monster, he’s now 

I refused to click on the link even for this article, because I don’t want to be part of that lying buzz machine.

Ian hasn’t whipped his fan base into a frenzy. We’ve whipped ourselves into a frenzy because of our love for Ian and our desire to see him in the role. He didn’t create a monster. We tweeted and blogged and otherwise expressed our desire for him to play the part after he expressed an interest.

It was the celebrity gossip machine that portrayed this deceitfully in order to lure readers to their websites.


Anyhoo, at least Ian is on the radar for the role and at least E. L. James and others involved in the film know he has a huge fan base of support. I hope our enthusiasm helps him, not hurts him. Almost every poll I’ve seen on this shows him way out front in terms of support.

Just keep this in mind when you read headlines on these internet celebrity gossip sites. Don’t click on the headlines! Don’t give them the revenue.

If you’re a fan of Ian, save your efforts for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation  and something worthwhile – like saving the environment, animals and green energy.



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