My Choice for Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey

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Emilia                                                                                   Ian


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Fifty Shades / Ian as Fifty Shades of Fucked Up Humor and Eye Candy

Because a girl’s gotta laugh, right?

Here’s some Ian eye candy for those who partake of the stuff. Look at him — is he or is he not our Fifty?

You’re very welcome!

I’ll listen

50 for Ian Somerhalder as Fifty Shades of Grey

So over at The Daily Quirk, there’s a poll up on who should play Christian Grey. When I went our beloved Ian was behind by a wide margin. So I put in my 50 votes for Ian, for Fifty. 


I see it as exercising my extra-democratic franchise. In most democracies, there is one person, one vote but most people don’t bother to vote in most elections that they can. This kind of voting, where you can vote multiple times, expresses the fervour of the citizen, not just their opinion. 

My fervour is very fervent.

Ian for Christian Grey!

Please, if you have an inclination, go and exercise your extra-democratic rights and vote 50times for Ian for Fifty!

Some *guy* named Cavill was waaaay ahead of him when I first went.

Never doubt that a large group of thoughtful, committed and drooling fangirls can get Ian the part!

Team Ian for Fifty Humour

Heh heh heh… I may need therapy, but if there’s a cure for Ian/Fifty Disease I don’t want it!

Oh and another plug for Ian as Christian Grey:

They’re older pics and not very Christian Grey-ish but he’s my muse for my own novel and well, I think women need beauty in their lives, don’t you? We wither and fade like blossoms in a drought without it, so here’s a bit of masculine beauty to make your day a little less withered. 🙂

5 Facts You Need to Know About Why Ian Somerhalder Is the Only Fifty Shades of Grey


As we Fifty Fangirls already know, our beloved Christian Grey has several very redeeming features that I argue can only be adequately brought to the big screen (gasp! Can you even IMAGINE…) by the one and only Ian Somerhalder.

Fact #1: The Eyes Have It

Ian’s eyes, as illustrated by the above photograph, are totally the right shade of blue / grey  blue-grey for Fifty. Even as I write this blog post and stare into them, I’m melting into a big puddle beneath my desk.

Fact #2: The Jaw Clinches It

Look at that jaw! Besides wanting to run my tongue all over it (and everywhere else for good measure!) it just says “I am a gazillionaire executive with my own chopper that I fly myself and I need to dominate you right now” better than any other jaw in the running.

Fact #3: The Mouth — The Mouth!

Need I mention the biting of the lip thing? Us Fifty Fans are now permanently erotically fixated on the biting of lips. Look at him biting his lip like that and tell me that you wouldn’t do anything he wanted. I knew it — you can’t, can you? Maybe you might even want to turn him over your knee and give him a nice pink tush. Am I right? Does that biting of his lip make your palm twitch? It sure does to mine.

Fact #4: It may not be Rob Pattinson’s hair, but it’s pretty damn just-fucked looking to me.

And even if it looks damn good in just about every single photo I’ve seen of him so far, you just know you want to have a go at making it all mussed up, helping him get that just-fucked look. Am I wrong?

I didn’t think so…

Fact #5: The Expression Says it ALL

Does he or does he not know how to emote with those eyes? I mean, he spent time in front of a fashion photographer‘s camera and knows how to work it, baby!  Smolderholder is right.

It’s really unfair that one man would have so many things going for him, but thank GOD that life is unfair!


The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction: “Now I Am Under” – Delena

My latest fan fiction story is up at “Now I Am Under“.


Title: Now I Am Under

Genre: Romance, Delena

Rating: M for explicit sexual scenes and swearing.

Summary: While Jeremy sleeps, Elena and Damon explore their relationship. What I would have liked to see really happen.


I run from the room, from Damon, from what I fear might happen if I stay there one more minute with him beside me, his hand holding mine, his eyes on mine, his face so open and vulnerable.

He follows me, pushing things, not willing to let them die.

“Don’t,” I say, angry that he won’t let things stay the same.

“Why not?” he says. For a moment, my heart and mind battle.


His voice is so soft and so full of need. And then my want for his touch, my need for his kiss overtakes me and my heart wins. I run to him and he’s there, waiting, his arms already open.

For a moment, I’m lost in my desire for him, the feel of his lips against mine, my fingers in his hair, our bodies joined in an embrace and my heart feels as if it will explode.

Then the moment shifts like the ground under your feet in the first tremors of an earthquake. He presses me against the pillar and I’m no longer kissing him. He’s kissing me now, his passion overwhelming my own and I realize I’m in trouble.

I can’t take this back.

This isn’t like the other kisses that I could explain away as being out of friendship or comfort or caring.

This kiss is about desire.