If you could hear what I hear (Public Service Announcement)

So, this blog is primarily my fandom blog where I write about my current fandom and obsession, The Vampire Diaries, Damon, Delena, Fifty Shades of Grey and Ian Somehalder for Christian Grey. It’s my silly side, my girl side, my romantic erotica writing writer side. It’s my not-a-professional, not-a-mother, not-a-wife side. It’s my blowing off steam side.

I have a few other sides, as we all do. Today, I want to post this one non-fandom post because I really feel that I have to say something about this. I promise I won’t write about it again.

I am part of a group of about forty+ climate scientists / climate science journalists and bloggers who communicate via a private group about climate science. In my real life I am a researcher / policy type of person and I have a science blog about climate science in which I examine the science and politics of climate change. I try to keep my two lives separate because of the sensitivity of my job (in project management for government and so I could lose my job if I were seen to be too political). But through my climate science blog, I’ve been blessed with getting to know many of the prominent climate scientists and climate science journalists out there writing for big media and have readers from NASA, NOAA, several prominent university research orgs, and activists around the world. This is not to brag, but to say that the information I am getting is not from some anonymous bloggers who don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground but actual scientists doing the research and writers doing the writing you read in the mainstream media outlets.

Some of them are just about ready to call the game. They’re afraid to, because they don’t want to discourage people or be seen as alarmists. But they are very concerned.

When they’re concerned, I get concerned.

Their pessimism scares me. They are just about ready, some of them, to say that we are in for serious trouble far sooner than people realize. We tend to have this view that we have 50 – 100 years to act on climate change, clean energy, and a low-carbon economy but they are not so optimistic. Many of the ones I respect the most feel that we have a decade and no more. Some even think we are already past the point of no return while others think that if we don’t act now, as in this decade, it will be really bad for us and our children — and all the other life forms on the planet.

That’s what concerns me. I’m a conservationist and environmentalist, an animal rights supporter, but all of these things ultimately rest on the persistence of our temperate climate and the ecosystems that have been in place for the past 10,000 years since the last ice age and beyond. We are changing those ecosystems, we are changing microclimates that animals are exquisitely adapted to. We are sending animals off to extinction that have been around for millions and tens of millions of years through our burning of fossil fuels and land use practices. As our climate changes to a hotter one, we will face droughts where it is already dry, floods where it is already too wet, and our food system will be increasingly out of whack, putting the most vulnerable among us into even more danger of starvation and famine.

I’ve become increasingly concerned that no one is doing what is necessary to address this and I count the big players — the US, China, India and the EU as the big players who must lead the way, with the US as perhaps the most important leader. We can’t get by on feel-good posing and posturing. We need people to man the picket lines, put up tent cities, and get pepper sprayed, arrested and speak truth to power. We need people with influence to use it to save the freaking planet.

I’m just a small potato among real scientists but have been privileged to have been invited in to their circle and have been privileged to be able to listen in to their discussions and hear their words, see their concerns, their worries, and their research and the things they say in private scare me.

I don’t know what the answers are, but I know that we have to work together to find them and soon.

So, if you read this, please look around you and try to think what you can do to speak up about this. I do know that until politicians feel pressure from the electorate, they won’t act. They are too tied into the funding from big corporations that have too much money to make through the sale of fossil fuels and development of oil sands, tar sands, and other sources of fossil fuel energy. Only you, as a voter, and you as a consumer, can convince those with power to act.

So look around at your local politicians to see what their position is on climate change and tell them that if they don’t accept the climate science consensus you will not vote for them. Look at your regional and federal politicians and do the same. Look at the organizations you are a part of and see whether they support action on climate change and a low-carbon economy, development of alternative energy, and other actions to mitigate global warming.

They will only act when they become afraid that you’ll kick them out of their jobs so make them afraid.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. This conversation I was part of today really upset me. Usually, we’re focused on strategy and tactics, responses to this or that topical issue and we don’t really talk about what’s coming and how soon, so this conversation really upset me.



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