50 for Ian Somerhalder as Fifty Shades of Grey

So over at The Daily Quirk, there’s a poll up on who should play Christian Grey. When I went our beloved Ian was behind by a wide margin. So I put in my 50 votes for Ian, for Fifty. 


I see it as exercising my extra-democratic franchise. In most democracies, there is one person, one vote but most people don’t bother to vote in most elections that they can. This kind of voting, where you can vote multiple times, expresses the fervour of the citizen, not just their opinion. 

My fervour is very fervent.

Ian for Christian Grey!

Please, if you have an inclination, go and exercise your extra-democratic rights and vote 50times for Ian for Fifty!

Some *guy* named Cavill was waaaay ahead of him when I first went.

Never doubt that a large group of thoughtful, committed and drooling fangirls can get Ian the part!


One thought on “50 for Ian Somerhalder as Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. Ian Somerhalder would make THE best Christian Grey! And I’d happily be Anna if he was lol. I can’t understand why he’d be behind on votes though, he is gorgeous and the cocky sexy personality of Damon Salvatore would certainly fit the Christian Grey profile. Fingers crossed that the directors see sense and give Ian the job.

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