A Few Thoughts About Mr. Christian Grey

Come on, you know he’s the only one… Look at him. Does he or does he not look like the kind of man who wants you to be ready and willing whenever he wants you? Doesn’t he look like the kind of man who has a chopper at his disposal and can fly it himself? Who employs 40,000 people? Who needs complete control over everything?


And just to whet your appetite, here’s something you can use as a prop for your Ian as Christian Grey daydreams…

And for your listening pleasure:

Just imagine standing in *the room* with him at your back as he braids your hair, Thomas Tallis playing on the music system, and he tugs the braid back so that you are tight against him, one arm slips around your waist pulling you against his hips so you can feel his very lovely erection, the other holds your hands together, his mouth at your neck…

The rest is up to you.





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