The Vampire Diaries: Some Thoughts on Delena in Heart of Darkness


I’ve had some time to process Episode 3×19 “Heart of Darkness” and so here’s my viewer’s response.

First off, as anyone who has read my blog will know, I am Team Delena all the way. Nothing against Team Stelena — I understand that fans who were there at the start are loyal to this pairing. I came to TVD late — in Season Three — and so I started watching because of Damon-Elena. It’s the largest part of why I watch. I like the other characters and have my favourites — Elijah, Alaric, Caroline, and even Rebekah. I love the show in general. But it’s Delena that makes my heart beat stronger and it’s their interactions that make me watch each week. I loved Delena so much I download all three seasons from iTunes and watch with my usual obsessive fixation the entire series in a couple of weeks.

I’m fresh meat. 🙂

So Delena is in the forefront of my mind when I think of TVD.

I was SO FREAKING HAPPY with Heart of Darkness! And I was SO FREAKING MAD with Heart of Darkness!

THE KISS — it was just perfect. Except it was INTERRUPTED! I am soooo mad at the writers for that! I wanted them to get another hotel room and finally consummate their relationship, but alas, the writers love to torture us after giving us a tiny bit of satisfaction.

And I’m sure they did it for plot reasons and for the story arc. RIGHT???

For dramatic reasons.

It’s just more foreplay before we get well-fucked.


And I don’t mean fucked over.

IOW – Elena chooses DAMON.

The whole scene was just — well, I hate to admit it but I was ecstatic and even teared all up. Yeah, I’m silly like that. 🙂 There’s been such a looong buildup to the kiss that it was cathartic. I was so happy for Damon. FINALLY! A show from Elena, an unambiguous show from her that she wanted him.

Everything in the scene added to the impact — the lighting, Damon parading around before hand with his shirt off and *gasp* top button of his jeans undone… Even when he put his shirt back on, it was open and showed off his lovely washboard abs and happy trail.

I loved seeing Elena watching Damon secretly. You just know she’s so conflicted. She’s just learned what a wonderful thing he did for Rose. Just another example of Damon’s character and humanity and the thing was he didn’t run to show her it, using it to win her like he could have.

Elena’s seen him do so many bad things, that each good thing she discovers chips away at that wall she’s built up between them. It’s almost completely crumbled at that point. He notices her still awake and watching him and there’s a moment — such a perfect moment — when her face softens and it’s because of her feelings for him. That look draws him to her.

It’s just so heartbreakingly sweet to see them on the bed together. He’s so vulnerable as he watches her, looking at her there so close.

She tries the usual Elena schtick — avoiding things by talking about him being “good”, asking why he didn’t tell her about what he did for Rose. “It wasn’t about you,” he says. Elena’s so spoiled having the brothers both fixated on her. She’s got to put one of them out of his misery, dammit!

Then when she suggests he let people see the good in him, he responds in typical Damon style.

“When people see good, they expect good and I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations.”

That’s a message to Elena — I am who I am and if you want me, you have to take me as I am. He’s forcing her to quit trying to change him, or expect him to be Stefan, and to accept him.

He puts it out there and leaves it up to her to take it.

When she turns over in frustration and their hands touch… wow. Epic moment. He takes her hand and he’s so beautiful and vulnerable at that moment. He’s told her that he is who he is and it’s up to her. He’s not going to promise her anything. She’s fighting her desire for him, her feelings. She’s afraid of her own feelings. Their strength. When he touches her, she can’t take it. Her breathing increases, and you can see her conflicting emotions. Absolutely great great acting on Nina Dobrev’s part considering she has him all to herself IRL!

She has to escape because it’s either leave or turn over and kiss him and she knows where that will lead, given a smidgen of a chance.

Oh, she’s so gone and it’s just so fabulous!

It’s not sweet teenage infatuation like it was with Stefan. Its full on adult desire.

She runs out and stands there, trying to catch her breath and he follows, pushing things, not letting them die.

Don’t,” she says.

“Why not?”

A beat.


And then oh my heart! Even remembering it I get all chills and teary eyed!

Eliza <— total sap!

She shakes her head and looks so afraid and in pain that at first, I was fooled. I thought she’d run away and I was almost mad at her but SHE RAN TO HIM!!!!!!!!1111


And the music swells when she kisses him and he’s so freaking ready for her and I can only imagine what’s going through his head — except it’s probably nothing because he’s operating on pure emotion when he sees her coming at him.

Did I mention how thankful I am to whatever person suggested “Never Let Me Go” by Florence and the Machine for that scene? It was *totally perfect*. I bought the song IMMEDIATELY after the show was over on iTunes (and several others) and have played it obsessively ever since.

Eliza <— total sap!

Then there’s a moment where things shift. Elena is no longer kissing Damon. Damon starts kissing her. He pushes her against the pillar and I JUST ABOUT COMBUSTED! OMFG!

Then another epic moment. The kiss breaks and they just look at each other, their faces inches away from each other and I think its then that it sinks in. She knows finally how she feels.

Yes, I think she does, despite her denial of it later. She wants him. She loves him.

She just doesn’t know if he’s good for her. And probably, she’s conflicted about Stefan.

Besides, she’s only what, 18? He’s, like 170+ years old and has 150+ years of experience in terms of sex and love. He’s done so many bad things, and so many good things. I’d be so damn afraid of him.

And then — DAMMIT! JEREMY!!!!!!

I wanted them to go get another room and go at it like there’s no tomorrow.

Then, Elena totally wimps out. When they go looking for Scary Mary and find her dead, and Damon takes blow after blow from Kol, what does he say? He warns her to leave. He’s thinking of her.

When he touches her after Kol leaves to see if she’s all right, there’s a moment where she shuts it down between them. She takes the safe route. Like she’s trying so hard to find a reason not to be with him.

She claims she doesn’t know if she has feelings for him.


She has them in droves and is too damn afraid to admit it to herself.

“Im sorry Elena,” Damon says and he’s mad. He’s hurt. And I think he’s starting to get impatient with her. “This time I’m not going to make it easy for you. This time you’re going to have to figure it out for yourself.”


Elena, you have some emotional baggage to get rid of so you can finally be with Damon.



Enough thinking of The Vampire Diaries and Delena. Now the wait is on until tomorrow when we get the next new episode. I’m not even going to think about what the writers are planning.



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